What's Mobincube?

Mobincube is the most powerful and flexible to let anyone build mobile apps without coding. Apps built with Mobincube are compatible with Android, WindowsPhone and Apple devices.

Build more apps to make more money!

We don’t want you to believe that you’ll become a millionaire after publishing your first app. Do not surrender if your first apps don’t make good results. Just keep creating more and more apps, and you’ll see how your recurrent earnings will grow after some months. Publishing apps is like collecting stock shares that pay you dividends every month.

Mobincube is FREE!

Creating apps with all the functionality of Mobincube is totally free if you want them to show ad banners that will generate revenue and earn 70% of that money. We will manage all advertisers for you, so you just have to worry about creating more apps and get paid.

Can I really make good money?

Once an app is published on app stores, people will keep downloading it for years even if you forget about it. The more downloads and active users, the more money you’ll make. So the more apps you publish during the next months, the more recurrent money you’ll make in the future. As an example: imagine that you build an app in 2 hours and it ends making $20 per month for the next 3 years...that’s $720 for 2 hours of your time. What if you build 50 apps? Do the math!