José, Spain

José found out about Mobincube by chance. An idea occurred some of his friends, an idea that would allow their work schedule to fit into a simple and trouble-free application, easier than any App already available on Google Play. He discovered Mobincube and made the App for them. Within a few weeks, the App had become popular all around Spain, which generated his first set of earnings. This awakened him, and made him realise how easy it could be to earn money this way. From then on, he began to create more simple apps (you can see them here: here) by dedicating just a few hours each week to creating Apps. Today, thanks to his perseverance, he earns more than 3000 euros per month due to the advertisements in his Apps.

Mobincube Ad Network

A huge increase in his earnings began when Mobincube launched the advertising network. Previously, José was earning 400 euros a month but after implementing the advertising network his earnings reached 7 times his original amount, bringing in around 3000 euros A MONTH!

Affiliation Network

José also makes money by acting as a Mobincube Ambassador, since he decided to enroll into Mobincube’s affiliate’s programme, helping to bring new users to Mobincube. In doing so, he earns 15% revenue of what these users generate using Mobincube. For this, he created a blog to help bring more users to Mobincube, and so that he and Mobincube can generate more income.